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The story of the Babul Jannah Mosque on the coast of Donggala remains firmly hit by the tsunami

Babul Jannah Mosque in Loli Channel, Banawa, Donggala District became a silent witness to the enormity of the earthquake and tsunami that hit Palu and Donggala, Friday, September 28, 2018. Although it suffered minor damage, this building became the only one that remained firm in the middle of a ruined building rubble. poranda. The mosque is located 50 meters from the beach.

 The building is quite magnificent with two domes and a tower that stands tall. In the painting section of the mosque building combines green and yellow. While the room is deep, white is more dominating. There is also a special muezzin room. At present, the condition has changed slightly due to the tsunami waves. Some parts of the building have a little damage, especially in the front fence, while others remain intact. Heris is one of the witnesses.

He was at the location when the tsunami flooded the area At that time, Heris was echoing the evening prayer. It comes when saying Hayya 'alal falah. The atmosphere that had been calm turned tense. The mosque rocked irregularly, plus the pitch black conditions. "The fan fell," said Heris, Sunday (10/10/2018). A few minutes later, water entered the mosque's room. Its height is approximately 100 centimeters. Heris then tried to save himself. At that time, Heris was the last. "Other congregations have already left," he said. After a few days of evacuation, Heris returned. He was shocked to see that the 15-year-old building stood uneven with the ground.

Possibly because Rustam, the design of the building is sophisticated, the chicken legs are made strong and very deep. Or this is God's power. "Our mosque is protected, blessings from all events. He has a tower," he explained. He explained, the building only suffered a slight damage on the front because it was hit by objects from outside. The mosque congregation was grateful and amazed to see this building still standing tall

August 6 Glide iPhone This Year ?

CALIFORNIA - Apple is rumored to be releasing the newest products faster than normal . If these multinationals typically , each product best released in September , was quoted by Mashable , Saturday ( 05/10/2014 ) , the iPhone 6 will be released in August this year .

The report said that this smart phone has a screen size of 4.7 inches . After that , according to the statement , made ​​by the late Steve Jobs's company will release another series with the larger size , 5.5 or 5.6 inches in the next month , September.

Thus , this will be a new momentum for the company that was founded in 1976 , to issue a large enough size gadget or commonly called phablet .

As we know , Samsung is the toughest competitor Apple had already released the first 5.3 -inch Galaxy Note phablet in 2011 , followed by the HTC , Nokia and LG in the same year with similar products .

Regarding specs , the iPhone 6 will be a 64-bit embedded processor with 1GB RAM Apple A8 . With the support of Retina resolution 1334 × 750 ( 326 ppi ) is also rumored that Apple will increase the ability to navigate ( Maps) and fitness applications .

With the increase of the previous screens 4 inches , some observers predict this could make Apple regained the international mobile market . Moreover, the trend today is the market wants a big screen . ( )

Reveal Facts Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is the biggest threat to the men . Because the disease is also the leading cause of death after lung cancer .

Each year , patients with prostate cancer has increased . Even in India could reach 1 % .

Reported Healthmeup , there are some interesting facts about the cancer . First , every 2.5 minutes the men expressed prostate cancer . In fact , every 17 minutes not a few who die from it .

Another fact , the man who does not smoke closer to prostate cancer . This is in contrast with the smokers who generally suffer from lung , bronchus , colon , rectum , bladder , lymphoma , melanoma , oral cancer , and kidney combined .

But you need to know more, prostate cancer is relatively slow growing . In fact , these patients may survive as long as possible .

Finally, prostate cancer is usually experienced by men over the age of 50 years . Even more than 70 % , of patients aged 65 years . But until now it was not known precisely why older men are the most widely prostate cancer . ( )

Twitter Apply Layered Security in the User Account

SAN FRANCISCO - Thousands of Twitter users troubled by the influx of hackers . In the e-mail that users receive social network Jack Dorsey made ​​it contains a warning that their account had been " hacked " third party .

Therefore , in anticipation of hacking action against millions of subscribers , Twitter direct mempebaiki security system for user accounts worldwide . Twitter in this case , introducing the new system as a form of security log to monitor suspicious behavior .

" When we believe an account may have been compromised , we reset the password and send an email notification to the owner of the account of what happened along the information to create a new password , " said Twitter , the BBC reported on Saturday ( 05/10/2014 ) . In this case , Twitter password reset settings put through the accounts in bulk .

Thus , as quoted by The Verge , users need not worry if lost keywords , forgotten passwords ( passwords ) , or infiltrated , users can also create a new password , if deemed no longer safe .

Where the user should be able to use the process . Of course , with access through the site remsi can Twitter.com via IOS and Android applications .

In addition to these steps , the user can also use a second step , to be able to track the location , the history of incoming and tools used to access the account in order to prevent the possibility of suspicious activity .Twiiter in this case will alert the user when any suspicious activity through the registered e-mail address .Enforcement of the verification system applied two coats Twitter is a new method that forms a layered security after the keyword ( password ) . That way users do not have to worry he admitted could be compromised harmful things .

Meanwhile , to get listed in Twitter 's layered security system , the user will get a six-digit code will be sent to the registered mobile number via text message to continue to log into the site .

The incident , Twitter to apologize to the entire active Twitter users around the world for the inconvenience. While e-mail notification of Twiiter is automatically deleted by the system . ( )

Dodge Journey 6 - Speed ​​More Efficient

JAKARTA - Family Dodge Journey more complete after PT Garansindo Inter Global ( Garansindo ) presents New 2014 Dodge Journey 6 - Speed ​​in Indonesia . Using a new transmission , Family Luxury Crossover from the United States claimed to be more fuel efficient than its predecessor .
" 2014 Dodge Journey comes with the latest 6-speed transmission capable to provide improved performance and fuel efficiency is better, " says Rieva Muchsin , Chief Marketing Officer , PT Garansindo in Jakarta , Wednesday ( 05/07/2014 ) .
Transmission 6-speed automatic 62TE used Ultradrive Journey , claimed to have a much smoother gearshift thus improving ride comfort . This new transmission put huge torque at low rpm , so the performance and increased fuel efficiency .
For information , the Dodge Journey equipped with various advanced features such as 8.4 inch Touch screen with Uconnect to feature audio settings ( CD/DVD/MP3/Radio ) . There are also dual - zone climate control , Bluetooth connection to an electronic device to play a song as well as receiving and making phone calls , and equipped with a GPS .
Jorney apply also features Voice Command Voice Command or connected with Uconnect allows drivers to make phone calls and audio system settings .
Security features and safety an important part of Journey 's car therefore call it adopts many features 9 - airbags , Electronic Stability Control , Traction Control , Electronic Roll Mitigation , Brake - Assist , Anti - Lock Braking System , LATCH child seat anchor system .
Passengers enjoy the ride more comfortable thanks to the Alpine Premium Sound System with 6 - speakers and subwoofer are equipped with Digital Sound Processing .
Dodge Journey 2.4 - liter reinforced engine Inline - 4 VVT DOHC , 16 - Valve . In Indonesia Dodge Journey SXT is priced Rp 625 million , Rp Luxury Dodge Journey Dodge Journey 665 million and Rp 695 million Platinum . The entire price of the status of On the Road . ( )

Strategy Practice Emotional Balance Kids

EDUCATION morals , manners , character , and religion began in earnest as the number of cases of child abuse , sexual assault or child both as victims and perpetrators . Parents are also requested not forget to strengthen children's mental spiritually , one of them with religious teachings .

Deputy Mayor of Depok Idris Abdul Somad well as high-ranking Indonesian Ulema Council ( MUI ) , Depok said that landing early religious teachings , whether the child as a subject or object , is able to counteract the bad influence of the environment . As a driver , Idris said , would generate tremendous wisdom .

Idris said , in addition to religion , according to the teachings of the Prophet of Islam , then fitness through exercise is recommended also applied to children . It can form an emotional balance in children ." The sunnah is to teach children horse riding sport . It was a tremendous emotional balance training , sexual power is also controlled , then swimming , and archery training virility , " he said in his office at City Hall in Depok , Wednesday, May 7, 2014 .

Idris added that exercise can reduce a person's tension . But indeed , the influence of media technology also makes children more easily get negative influence of pornography .

" I also often download sacred texts , for example , but it came out a wide selection of sites or appear strange images , this technology is so great crime , " he explained .

Therefore , physical fitness will be able to support the child becomes more controlled mentally ." Then the other teachings of the Prophet , for example , tap parents' door shortly before dawn , after midday , after Isha . To be wandering open baseball . There are time - sensitive time in the family . Religion was rich on it , it could be modified modern psychology . Not prohibit develop the knowledge , we can also apply reward and punishment on children , " he said . ( )

Heart defects, Whitney Houston will Know Died Young

LOS ANGELES - A new fact about the tragic death of Whitney Houston back revealed. Singer who died tragically it has a heart defect, and is thought to be one cause of her death.

Whitney had a heart defect since birth prematurely. He tried to cure abnormalities in her organs. However, it does not run smoothly. One child's mother was aware could die young.

"Whitney was born prematurely and she used a very small baby. He did not talk about it, but she knew had a heart problem and may be able to end his life short. So for people who are well acquainted with him, Whitney's death was not free from defects heart . Whenever when he felt sick, we always ask, 'is it time?', "said the source.

The singer of "I Will Alwasy Love You" was found dead in a hotel room Beverly Hilton on February 11, 2012. According to police, Whitney allegedly drowned in the bath tub. Heart attack and drugs are also thought to be one cause of the diva last breath.

"Some day Whitney said he had trouble breathing. One time he told me very tired when just woke up. And he sweats a lot, despite the very cold weather. But he never complained. He knew nothing could be done about the heart. Whitney knew she can die anytime, "he added.

The singer, who died at the age of 48 years is also believed he could not celebrate his 50th birthday. Despite having a lot of problems during life, Whitney was still feeling grateful and did not regret his life.

"Needless to say, she was taking the drug. But despite her taking the drug or not, he believes there will be live until the age of 50 years. But, Whitney knew she was lucky, and he never regrets in his life," added the source, as reported by Showbizspy , Thursday (13/06/2013).

Anyone Coach Madrid, Zidane So assistant

MADRID - Entering the 11th day post-departure of Jose Mourinho, Real Madrid camp has not yet determined the coach for next season. Although not yet have a coach, but the stronghold of El Real has got a definite name for the position of assistant coach.

As quoted by Fulham, the club president Florentino Perez reportedly Zinedine Zidane was appointed as assistant coach of Real Madrid next season. Previously, the former Madrid and the French national team is already believed to be the sports director.

The deal is reportedly stranded on Wednesday, yesterday. During the meeting, Perez and Zidane involved lengthy conversations which took 2 and a half hours.

Furthermore, MARCA reported that Zidane would later work with Carlo Ancelotti, coach of PSG in the next week will be announced as the new coach of Real Madrid. Duet of Ancelotti and Zidane is believed to be able to bring Madrid success, because they had worked together at Juventus.

Married 11 Years, It's Official Twilight Stars Divorced

LOS ANGELES - Twilight star, Peter Facinelli with Jennie Garth officially divorced. After being married for 11 years, the couple officially signed a divorce agreement on June 11.

Unlike other Hollywood celebrity divorce, Peter and Jennie never fight. They even made ​​a deal that surprised many people.

In the divorce agreement, Peter and Jennie refused to sign the spousal support, and have full access to the savings along to the purposes of the child. They also agreed on child custody and equally raising three daughters.

Not only that, they also refused to sign the agreement because it was not needed. Peter and Jennie are known to have three daughters, Luca Bella (15), Lola Ray (10), and Fiona Eva (6).

Although no longer together, they will jointly raise their children and claimed to only want to be good parents. Similarly, as reported by Hollywoodlife, Thursday (06/13/2013).

"When you came, you have to live it day by day. Taking care of children need two parents great to put all differences and focus on the child, and that's what I'm doing," added the source.

Through three sets, Federer Tsonga rid

PARIS - The surprising result occurred in the French Open quarterfinals in 2013 in a match between Jo-Wilfried Tsonga Roger Federer cons, Tuesday (06/04/2013). Where Tsonga successfully removing Federer in three sets 7-5, 6-3, and 6-3.

Federer, seeded second in the tournament players must recognize the severity of the host since the first set. Tsonga received considerable opposition from Federer managed to win by 7-5.

Entering the second set, Tsonga was ranked eighth world that is increasingly showing toughness. Federer made ​​even more helpless by a score of 6-3.

The Swiss is trying to rise from resistance Tsonga, up was winning by a score of 3-1. Unfortunately, direct Tsonga makes 31-year-old stalled his pace with a 6-3 win in the third set.

In the later semifinal, Tsonga will face David Ferrer. The world's fifth-ranked player beat fellow miserable success, Tommy Robredo in the quarterfinals.

Ferrer wins already seen in the first set with a beautiful move opponent Robredo. Match between the Spanish players had been won by Ferrer by 6-2 in the first set.

In the second set, Ferrrer more unstoppable with only giving one point for Robredo to 6-1. Robredo, who is seeded 32 this should be re-submission in the third with the same score as the second set. (min)
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