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Samsung's Commitment to Improve Technology-Based Education in Biak

In the world of education, technology is indeed a necessity so that the quality of children's education in Indonesia, especially in remote areas can be better and more advanced.

As a form of commitment to contribute to education in Indonesia, Samsung Electronics Indonesia created a program of concern for the advancement of the world of education by inaugurating the Samsung Smart Learning Class (SSLC) at the Christian Education Foundation Elementary School (SD YPK) in Biak, Papua.

The program entitled 'Early Inspiration Education' is Samsung's initiation to teachers and students who optimize technology to provide teaching and learning experiences that are more innovative, creative, interesting and fun.

Kang Hyun Lee, Vice President of Samsung Electronics Indonesia explained that digital technology can increase the effectiveness of learning activities because it can provide a more interesting experience and encourage student curiosity.

"We cannot forget technology. Children must understand and develop technology in the future. We also pay more attention to helping them, so that children develop with the existence of technology, "Lee said when giving a speech on the inauguration of SSLC at YPK Waupnour Elementary School, Biak, Papua, Thursday (4/10/18).

For Global Competition, Indonesia Improves Education Quality Standards

The main stakeholders in the Indonesian education sector today gathered together at the opening ceremony of the Indonesian GESS 2018, where the event expressed optimism in seeing the glorious prospects of the country's education system in the future.

Ananto Kusuma Seta as Expert Staff in the Field of Innovation and Competitiveness, Ministry of Education and Culture; Syaefuloh Hidayat, Head of the DKI Jakarta Education Department High School Middle School; Matt Harris, International Education Consultant; and Nino Gruettke, CEO of Tarsus Indonesia attending this opening event.

Ananto appreciates this event which is seen as relevant to education reform programs in Indonesia, revitalization, and transformation.

"Education must answer new needs in industry and jobs. Education must be able to shape creativity, leadership, adaptability, and problem solving skills within the scope of our teachers and students, which they can get more in GESS Indonesia," he said, as quoted from official release received on Friday (9/27/18).

Syaefuloh also appreciates the initiative of GESS Indonesia which provides a strategic platform in raising the quality standards of education in Indonesia.

"This event offers a lot of new advances in the scope of education and technology that will support the progress of the teaching-learning process in Indonesia," Syaefuloh said.

Meanwhile, Matt Harris as International Education Consultant, who spoke with Rico Tan, Technology Director of Children's Day Schools in San Francisco, USA, highlighted what technology can be adopted in the teaching-learning process, how to use technology to support activities learning, and the key role of the teacher in controlling the use of technology and the formation of expertise and knowledge in their students.

He said, "The use of technology can succeed if it creates expertise and increases knowledge in students," explained Matt Haris.

Sri Shartini, a teacher from North Jakarta said that the use of technology is currently not optimally carried out in schools in Indonesia.

"I hope to get knowledge from the experts at the Indonesian GESS event and can be used in the teaching and learning process in the classroom so that it can help students get better."

Conducted at the Jakarta Convention Center, GESS Indonesia will take place until 28 September 2018 with more than 100 workshops and sessions held to share knowledge of the best practices most recently on the development of education, new teaching and learning techniques and improvement of leadership programs with professional teaching from throughout Indonesia and neighboring countries which are present at the largest educational event in Southeast Asia.

Syiaful Annuar Alias, Network Engineer & IT Manager, Vientiane International School, Laos, will talk about how to prepare the right infrastructure so that it can improve teaching productivity and help with work performance.

Big Data in Education by Chusmina SM, Lecturer from ASM BSI Jakarta will provide insight into how data can be used to enable schools and teachers to create learning experiences for students to achieve better learning performance.

Craig Hansen, Renowned Transformational Technologist who is part of the world's leading personal growth organization provides participants with an in-depth overview of how the world's leading companies form a high-performance culture that aims to strengthen schools in Indonesia to be able to compete globally.

Khashoggi is enshrined as a street name in front of the Saudi Embassy in London

Amnesty International's human rights advocacy group named the road outside the Saudi embassy in London, England, as Jalan Khashoggi as a form of respect for the journalist who was killed in the Saudi consulate. The name was also a form of ridicule for the Saudi government because it was located at the Saudi embassy office.

Quoted from the page of the Independent, Saturday (3/11), the road naming movement became Khashoggi originating from America. A number of colleagues and admirers of Khashoggi made a petition calling on government officials to rename the streets of New Hampshire Avenue, the location of the Saudi embassy, ​​to be the name of the Khashoggi street.

Now the movement is spreading to various locations in the world. Amnesty hopes that the movement will take place in various road locations where the Saudi Embassy is everywhere.

"The whole world is shocked by this brutal murder and this is important so that we do not let the perpetrators walk freely without being punished," said Kate Allen, director of Amnesty International UK.

"We have to drag the perpetrators of Khashoggi's murder to court, not only who did but also who ordered, and that will happen soon," Allen added.

At the commemoration of Khashoggi's death last Monday, the head of an Islamic research institute in the United States and longtime Khashoggi friend Nihad Awad called on the bereaved to start petitions in various cities where the Saudi embassy is located.

Jamal Khashoggi, a critic of the Saudi government, was killed and allegedly his body was mutilated when he entered the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, Turkey, on October 2. Initially the Saudi government denied he was killed and said he left the consulate shortly after entering. But lately because of international pressure the Saudi recognized Khashoggi was killed.

Research: The risk of not exercising is the same as smoking and diabetes

Perhaps many have understood that not exercising can increase the likelihood of developing disease or premature aging. Underestimating the importance of exercise can indeed be harmful to health. But not many seem to know that the health risks of avoiding exercise are just as harmful as smoking.

Quoting USA Today (25/10), a study at the Cleveland Clinic studied more than 122 thousand patients who participated in treadmill testing between 1991 and 2014.

The study showed better cardiorespiratory health closely related to longer life. Meanwhile, extreme aerobic fitness provides the greatest benefits. Especially for people over 70 years of age and people with hypertension.

The study also said, the risk posed by not exercising is equal or higher than smoking or diabetes.

"Aerobic fitness is something that most patients can control," said cardiologist Dr. Wael Jaber from the Cleveland Clinic. They also found that in exercising there was no limit to how much exercise to do.

The study was published on October 19 in the Journal of the American Medical Association Network Open.

Although many studies support the importance of exercise, many people in the world do not have sufficient physical activity.

Last month, the World Health Organization (WHO) found that 1.4 billion of the world's population is not physically active. This puts them at risk for diseases such as diabetes.

Research from the Institute for Exercise and Environmental Medicine at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital and the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, USA found that exercise two to three days a week can minimize stiffness in medium-sized arteries.

Well, it turns out exercise is really important for health. It's good if this good habit starts immediately. No need to exercise hard to start. Walking at high speed can actually be a good start.

Fintech players need to be serious about managing a non-renewable community-based strategy

The Minister of Communication and Informatics (Menkominfo) Rudiantara said that the technology financial company (Fintech) is currently still targeting the people who actually have an account number in the bank.

Not only is it more targeted to people who are unbankable or do not have an account number.

"If I look at it, in general, those who use fintech are actually young people or anyone who has been touched by the banking system. Fintech should be able to push towards new markets or those that are unbankable with new products or existing products," explained the man familiarly called Chief RA after the discussion at the 2018 IdeaFest event, Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), Friday (26/10).

Therefore, he suggested that these fintech players immediately re-do strategies to suit the objectives of financial inclusion. So far, fintech stretching only substitutes existing markets with products that are already available.

"It means what is it? Lending. It's the same as a bank that provides loans to its customers who have an account number," he said.

As is well known, with the emergence of many fintechs today it is expected to be a solution to solve the number of unbankable people. This is because, through fintech it is expected that a wide range to remote areas will only rely on the internet. [idc]

"full digital telco company", Telkomsel

"full digital telco company", Telkomsel

Carrying on its vision as a "full digital telco company", Telkomsel will focus on developing digital services for both entertainment and business content. Moreover, digital services now provide greater revenue than conventional services.

This was revealed by Ririek Adriansyah, President Director of Telkomsel, when opening the Telkomsel Experience Zone at the IdeaFest X The NextDev 2018 event at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), yesterday (26/10).

Telkomsel's digital business is described in the special arena of the Telkomsel Experience Zone. Because there were exhibited Telkomsel's future services that supported Indonesia's digital transformation towards the Industrial Revolution 4.0. Such as internet of things (IoT), Big Data, Digital Advertising, Digital Lifestyle (Music and Video), Mobile Financial Services, to digital libraries.

According to him, the two digital services content is the focus of Telkomsel going forward. The number one operator with customers of around 180 million users will encourage each of the second segment of content, so that digital services become the mainstay of Telkomsel's business in the future.

"Businesses, entertainment and business digital content are of equal value. However, the biggest impact is internet service of things (IoT)," he said.

Telkomsel currently has several IoT-related products or services, such as Control Centers, Managed Service Connectivity, and FleetSight.

Ririek said, not all digital services displayed in the Telkomsel Experience Zone were commercial. Because some are still embryos or in the incubation stage, even though some services have provided business income.

This number one person in Telkomsel predicts that digital services will be increasingly massive in 2019. Moreover, this year the service has more business contribution to Telkomel than conventional services such as telephone and SMS services.

On that occasion, Ririek also offered collaboration opportunities to creative industry people in the country for the advancement of Indonesia's digital ecosystem.

"We will accommodate them through the process of coaching, scaling capability, to the opportunity of commercialization, and partnership with Telkomsel. Therefore, we continue to encourage creative generations to continue to seek inspiration to be able to work and have a positive social impact in the middle. community, he concluded. [sya]

This is a healthy reason to open the bedroom window in the morning

Opening a room window in the morning so that fresh air and sunlight can enter the room turns out to be a healthy habit. A study shows that this action can help reduce the risk of bacterial contamination.

Launching the New York Post, Sunday (10/21/2018), new studies show that if you do not open the window curtain in the morning, the possibility of falling ill can be greater.

Sunlight in the morning can kill disease-causing bacteria that live in dust. Meanwhile, darker conditions actually make them develop.

The findings, published in the Microbiome scientific journal, also warned of problems that appeared in offices without windows.

"Humans spend most of the time indoors, where exposure to dust particles that carry bacteria, including pathogens that can make us sick, cannot be avoided," said study leader Ashkaan Fahimipour.

So, buildings or houses occupied play an important role in determining one's health. "It is important to understand the features of the buildings we occupy, affect the dust ecosystem and how this can affect our health," Fahimipour said.

The team at the University of Oregon, United States, conducted research by creating eleven miniature rooms.

The rooms are identical to each other and placed at various levels of light. After 90 days, a dark room has twice the number of bacteria.

"We hope that with further understanding, we can design access to sunlight in buildings such as schools, offices, hospitals, and homes in ways that reduce the risk of infection from being transmitted by dust," Fahimipour added.

So for those of you who are accustomed to waking up in pitch black rooms, from now on try to get used to lifting the curtains and opening the windows. Although blinding to the eyes, in fact the morning sunlight does provide many benefits to our health.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is able to treat various diseases

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) or hyperbaric oxygen therapy is believed to cure various diseases. HBOT is a method of giving pure oxygen to patients in a high-pressure room, which is more than 1 Absolute Atmosphere that aims to improve and improve the condition of the body.

In the socialization of the benefits of the treatment of 'Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) on Wound Healing and Wellness' held by Siloam Hospitals Manado on Monday (10/22), reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgeon Dr. Mendy Hatibie, Sp. BP-RE, said that HBOT is generally intended for decompression diseases that are often experienced by deep sea divers.

HBOT can also be used to treat various clinical indications, including healing body wounds such as burns and wounds related to diabetes mellitus and skin grafting. This was officially recognized by the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society (UHMS) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States in 2011.

Giving pure oxygen in pressurized spaces called chambers is able to supply 10-15 times more oxygen, compared to if oxygen is administered at sea level or at normal atmospheric levels. Therefore, HBOT is considered effective for stimulating the formation of new blood vessels, reducing swelling and inflammation, deactivating toxins, increasing the ability of white blood cells to fight infections, killing several types of harmful bacteria, helping the body build new connective tissue, cleansing toxins and metabolic waste products, and accelerate the healing process.

For patients with diabetes mellitus, HBOT can be useful to overcome complications of health problems that usually occur frequently. The complications are caused by high blood sugar levels in the body lasts a long time so that it damages the blood vessels and nervous system.

"Diabetes complications can result in some damage to body parts, such as heart disease, impaired kidney function, blindness, foot decay which sometimes requires amputation, and impotence. The oxygen supply from HBOT can improve nerve function and improve blood circulation, and can improve patient insulin performance diabetes, "explained Mendy Hatibie.

The results of HBOT can be felt after running several therapy sessions, where this therapy can also be carried out in conjunction with other therapies in accordance with the doctor's recommendations. In general, the more chronic the patient's condition is, the more needed sessions can be.

"Discuss with your doctor what specific therapies you can receive according to medical conditions and how many sessions you have to go through. Tell your medical condition clearly and completely to the doctor to avoid unwanted side effects," Mendy Hatibie added.

The story of the Babul Jannah Mosque on the coast of Donggala remains firmly hit by the tsunami

Babul Jannah Mosque in Loli Channel, Banawa, Donggala District became a silent witness to the enormity of the earthquake and tsunami that hit Palu and Donggala, Friday, September 28, 2018. Although it suffered minor damage, this building became the only one that remained firm in the middle of a ruined building rubble. poranda. The mosque is located 50 meters from the beach.

 The building is quite magnificent with two domes and a tower that stands tall. In the painting section of the mosque building combines green and yellow. While the room is deep, white is more dominating. There is also a special muezzin room. At present, the condition has changed slightly due to the tsunami waves. Some parts of the building have a little damage, especially in the front fence, while others remain intact. Heris is one of the witnesses.

He was at the location when the tsunami flooded the area At that time, Heris was echoing the evening prayer. It comes when saying Hayya 'alal falah. The atmosphere that had been calm turned tense. The mosque rocked irregularly, plus the pitch black conditions. "The fan fell," said Heris, Sunday (10/10/2018). A few minutes later, water entered the mosque's room. Its height is approximately 100 centimeters. Heris then tried to save himself. At that time, Heris was the last. "Other congregations have already left," he said. After a few days of evacuation, Heris returned. He was shocked to see that the 15-year-old building stood uneven with the ground.

Possibly because Rustam, the design of the building is sophisticated, the chicken legs are made strong and very deep. Or this is God's power. "Our mosque is protected, blessings from all events. He has a tower," he explained. He explained, the building only suffered a slight damage on the front because it was hit by objects from outside. The mosque congregation was grateful and amazed to see this building still standing tall

August 6 Glide iPhone This Year ?

CALIFORNIA - Apple is rumored to be releasing the newest products faster than normal . If these multinationals typically , each product best released in September , was quoted by Mashable , Saturday ( 05/10/2014 ) , the iPhone 6 will be released in August this year .

The report said that this smart phone has a screen size of 4.7 inches . After that , according to the statement , made ​​by the late Steve Jobs's company will release another series with the larger size , 5.5 or 5.6 inches in the next month , September.

Thus , this will be a new momentum for the company that was founded in 1976 , to issue a large enough size gadget or commonly called phablet .

As we know , Samsung is the toughest competitor Apple had already released the first 5.3 -inch Galaxy Note phablet in 2011 , followed by the HTC , Nokia and LG in the same year with similar products .

Regarding specs , the iPhone 6 will be a 64-bit embedded processor with 1GB RAM Apple A8 . With the support of Retina resolution 1334 × 750 ( 326 ppi ) is also rumored that Apple will increase the ability to navigate ( Maps) and fitness applications .

With the increase of the previous screens 4 inches , some observers predict this could make Apple regained the international mobile market . Moreover, the trend today is the market wants a big screen . ( )
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