Heart defects, Whitney Houston will Know Died Young

LOS ANGELES - A new fact about the tragic death of Whitney Houston back revealed. Singer who died tragically it has a heart defect, and is thought to be one cause of her death.

Whitney had a heart defect since birth prematurely. He tried to cure abnormalities in her organs. However, it does not run smoothly. One child's mother was aware could die young.

"Whitney was born prematurely and she used a very small baby. He did not talk about it, but she knew had a heart problem and may be able to end his life short. So for people who are well acquainted with him, Whitney's death was not free from defects heart . Whenever when he felt sick, we always ask, 'is it time?', "said the source.

The singer of "I Will Alwasy Love You" was found dead in a hotel room Beverly Hilton on February 11, 2012. According to police, Whitney allegedly drowned in the bath tub. Heart attack and drugs are also thought to be one cause of the diva last breath.

"Some day Whitney said he had trouble breathing. One time he told me very tired when just woke up. And he sweats a lot, despite the very cold weather. But he never complained. He knew nothing could be done about the heart. Whitney knew she can die anytime, "he added.

The singer, who died at the age of 48 years is also believed he could not celebrate his 50th birthday. Despite having a lot of problems during life, Whitney was still feeling grateful and did not regret his life.

"Needless to say, she was taking the drug. But despite her taking the drug or not, he believes there will be live until the age of 50 years. But, Whitney knew she was lucky, and he never regrets in his life," added the source, as reported by Showbizspy , Thursday (13/06/2013).
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