Married 11 Years, It's Official Twilight Stars Divorced

LOS ANGELES - Twilight star, Peter Facinelli with Jennie Garth officially divorced. After being married for 11 years, the couple officially signed a divorce agreement on June 11.

Unlike other Hollywood celebrity divorce, Peter and Jennie never fight. They even made ​​a deal that surprised many people.

In the divorce agreement, Peter and Jennie refused to sign the spousal support, and have full access to the savings along to the purposes of the child. They also agreed on child custody and equally raising three daughters.

Not only that, they also refused to sign the agreement because it was not needed. Peter and Jennie are known to have three daughters, Luca Bella (15), Lola Ray (10), and Fiona Eva (6).

Although no longer together, they will jointly raise their children and claimed to only want to be good parents. Similarly, as reported by Hollywoodlife, Thursday (06/13/2013).

"When you came, you have to live it day by day. Taking care of children need two parents great to put all differences and focus on the child, and that's what I'm doing," added the source.
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