August 6 Glide iPhone This Year ?

CALIFORNIA - Apple is rumored to be releasing the newest products faster than normal . If these multinationals typically , each product best released in September , was quoted by Mashable , Saturday ( 05/10/2014 ) , the iPhone 6 will be released in August this year .

The report said that this smart phone has a screen size of 4.7 inches . After that , according to the statement , made ​​by the late Steve Jobs's company will release another series with the larger size , 5.5 or 5.6 inches in the next month , September.

Thus , this will be a new momentum for the company that was founded in 1976 , to issue a large enough size gadget or commonly called phablet .

As we know , Samsung is the toughest competitor Apple had already released the first 5.3 -inch Galaxy Note phablet in 2011 , followed by the HTC , Nokia and LG in the same year with similar products .

Regarding specs , the iPhone 6 will be a 64-bit embedded processor with 1GB RAM Apple A8 . With the support of Retina resolution 1334 × 750 ( 326 ppi ) is also rumored that Apple will increase the ability to navigate ( Maps) and fitness applications .

With the increase of the previous screens 4 inches , some observers predict this could make Apple regained the international mobile market . Moreover, the trend today is the market wants a big screen . ( )
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