Reveal Facts Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is the biggest threat to the men . Because the disease is also the leading cause of death after lung cancer .

Each year , patients with prostate cancer has increased . Even in India could reach 1 % .

Reported Healthmeup , there are some interesting facts about the cancer . First , every 2.5 minutes the men expressed prostate cancer . In fact , every 17 minutes not a few who die from it .

Another fact , the man who does not smoke closer to prostate cancer . This is in contrast with the smokers who generally suffer from lung , bronchus , colon , rectum , bladder , lymphoma , melanoma , oral cancer , and kidney combined .

But you need to know more, prostate cancer is relatively slow growing . In fact , these patients may survive as long as possible .

Finally, prostate cancer is usually experienced by men over the age of 50 years . Even more than 70 % , of patients aged 65 years . But until now it was not known precisely why older men are the most widely prostate cancer . ( )
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