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EDUCATION morals , manners , character , and religion began in earnest as the number of cases of child abuse , sexual assault or child both as victims and perpetrators . Parents are also requested not forget to strengthen children's mental spiritually , one of them with religious teachings .

Deputy Mayor of Depok Idris Abdul Somad well as high-ranking Indonesian Ulema Council ( MUI ) , Depok said that landing early religious teachings , whether the child as a subject or object , is able to counteract the bad influence of the environment . As a driver , Idris said , would generate tremendous wisdom .

Idris said , in addition to religion , according to the teachings of the Prophet of Islam , then fitness through exercise is recommended also applied to children . It can form an emotional balance in children ." The sunnah is to teach children horse riding sport . It was a tremendous emotional balance training , sexual power is also controlled , then swimming , and archery training virility , " he said in his office at City Hall in Depok , Wednesday, May 7, 2014 .

Idris added that exercise can reduce a person's tension . But indeed , the influence of media technology also makes children more easily get negative influence of pornography .

" I also often download sacred texts , for example , but it came out a wide selection of sites or appear strange images , this technology is so great crime , " he explained .

Therefore , physical fitness will be able to support the child becomes more controlled mentally ." Then the other teachings of the Prophet , for example , tap parents' door shortly before dawn , after midday , after Isha . To be wandering open baseball . There are time - sensitive time in the family . Religion was rich on it , it could be modified modern psychology . Not prohibit develop the knowledge , we can also apply reward and punishment on children , " he said . ( )
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