Twitter Apply Layered Security in the User Account

SAN FRANCISCO - Thousands of Twitter users troubled by the influx of hackers . In the e-mail that users receive social network Jack Dorsey made ​​it contains a warning that their account had been " hacked " third party .

Therefore , in anticipation of hacking action against millions of subscribers , Twitter direct mempebaiki security system for user accounts worldwide . Twitter in this case , introducing the new system as a form of security log to monitor suspicious behavior .

" When we believe an account may have been compromised , we reset the password and send an email notification to the owner of the account of what happened along the information to create a new password , " said Twitter , the BBC reported on Saturday ( 05/10/2014 ) . In this case , Twitter password reset settings put through the accounts in bulk .

Thus , as quoted by The Verge , users need not worry if lost keywords , forgotten passwords ( passwords ) , or infiltrated , users can also create a new password , if deemed no longer safe .

Where the user should be able to use the process . Of course , with access through the site remsi can via IOS and Android applications .

In addition to these steps , the user can also use a second step , to be able to track the location , the history of incoming and tools used to access the account in order to prevent the possibility of suspicious activity .Twiiter in this case will alert the user when any suspicious activity through the registered e-mail address .Enforcement of the verification system applied two coats Twitter is a new method that forms a layered security after the keyword ( password ) . That way users do not have to worry he admitted could be compromised harmful things .

Meanwhile , to get listed in Twitter 's layered security system , the user will get a six-digit code will be sent to the registered mobile number via text message to continue to log into the site .

The incident , Twitter to apologize to the entire active Twitter users around the world for the inconvenience. While e-mail notification of Twiiter is automatically deleted by the system . ( )
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